Lukwago Tribunal report. Download

imagesThe debate on the future of the elected Mayor of Kampala has come full circle. A judge-led tribunal has found him unfit for office- according to news reports. Last night I was recounting to friends a little role I found myself playing unwittingly years ago when as a reporter I did the first stories to expose widespread corruption in the opposition-dominated KCC ( Kampala City Council). A number of things stand out in the KCC-A/Lukwago story in retrospect. Politicians make terrible managers Lukwago included but technocrats likewise require supervision through representatives of the people. In a growing city, Kampala today is turning into a concrete jungle. Crime is rising and the divide between poorer residents and wealthier ones is probably irreversible. Poverty is now the political society of the disadvantaged. A KCCA that is not sensitive to this will build a city of two Uganda's.

Since communities are not made of brick and stone- elected but competent leaders must be sought to lead the city. But more important is for the process of building a great city to involve its most disadvantaged who have the most stake in its progress. The Lukwago report here is a political process am not convinced reflects an attempt to build the Kampala we want from what I have heard about it.

I have not read it but you can, and make up your own mind. Thank you to the individual who provided us the opportunity so early.


Posted on November 14, 2013 and filed under The Ugandan Reader.